Q: Can I put too many items in the cart?
A: Yes, You can do so.
Q: - Do you dispatch any sales alerts to buyers?
A: - Yes, we dispatch some sales alerts to our buyers.
Q: - How can I understand the status of my order?
A: - You can understand the status of your order
-Just Log on to our website and open your account by logging in. 
-Click on 'my account' at the top of the homepage and on the right corner.
-Now click on the button 'view your order history' which is below the order section.
Q:- How will I understand that you sent my order?
A:- We always mail a message and details of tracking so that you can track your order on your own.
Q:- How will I understand the exact status of my order?
A:- We will mail you the latest updates of the orders related to the processing.
Q:- How will I understand that I placed my order from your website?
A:- If you place an order from our website you will receive an order id which can help you track your order.
Q:- How will I understand that my I have placed my order correctly?
A: We will mail you confirmation containing all details as soon as your order gets registered.
Q:- What if I want to change the item from my order when price variation option is already there. In this instance, how will the price be adjusted?
A:- If the price is found more excessive than the current price then we will mail you a payment link for the same. Otherwise, if the price is found less than the price of the current order then we will refund you the excessive amount. 
Q:- What is the time limit in which I can cancel my order?
A:- You can get your order cancelled in under 48 hours after which your order may not get cancelled. 
Q:- What if I place more orders than one and want to get few of them cancelled, will you be able to cancel those unwanted orders?
A:- We will process those orders which have been confirmed by clearing the payment of the product ordered, those which are not confirmed by making the payment will get cancelled.
Q:- What would be the approximate time taken for order delivery? 
A:- We will do our best to ship the order soon after we have received it. Normally three to seven working days are required for the order to reach your place. Working days are not inclusive of Friday, Saturday and Public holidays. Because of certain geographical problems such as curfew, or local riots or bad weather the delivery time required for our courier company might vary. In this instance we will communicate to you and keep you informed.
Q: - Can my order be shipped on multiple addresses?
A:- Yes, we can ship your order on multiple addresses but you will have to make an address change request.
Q:- Are there any shipping charges on my order or is it free?
A:- Currently, shipping charges are not applicable for buyers in India. However, we are making special endeavour to cut down on international shipping and logistic charges so that you can expect lower shipping charges for your order.
Q:- What if my address is far away where courier agent can possibly reach very late?
A:- In this instance, the transit period may vary and it could be the standard transit time which comes to about 4 to 5 days.
Q: How is express shipping items different from items in stock?
A:- The Express Shipping items are normally found available in our production house and are shipped to you in seven days after processing and finishing has been done. Under stock category, the ordered goods are found in our showroom and these goods could be shipped in about three days. (NOTE: The items can be shipped on due dates if the items ordered are not inclusive of stitching.)
Q: What is the transit period for the product to reach?
A:- The transit time for the product to reach is the time for the transportation of the product to reach the buyer’s destination once the ordered goods are dispatched from our sales office. 
Q:- What would be the shipping charges for the orders?
A:- The shipping charges per product is Rs500/- INR. 
Q:- What if I do not have a credit card, is there any other gateway to make payments?
A:- Two other gateways include bank transfer and western union. But both these modes have certain shopping limits which are as follows-
Bank Transfer: - Limit must exceed Rs 10,000/- INR
Western Union: - Limit must exceed Rs 10,000/-INR
This limitation is imposed for overseas transit and No limit for inland transit.
Q:- If the bank transferred is made by me, how is the order amount located with your accounts department?
A:- For this we need a scanned copy of your bank transfer in a ticket system, so that the order amount is located with our accounts department.
Q:- How does Release differ from Refund?
A:- In an instance where we have returned your order amount without charging your account.   This is releasing of the order amount where there is not any kind of debit or credit entry on your credit card statement. If we have charge your account then in that instance order amount will be refunded and there will be credit or debit card entry on your credit card statement.
Q:- Do I have to pay additional charge for blouse lining?
A:- No we do not take extra charges for any such lining.
Q:- If I make the payment through western union, how will you be able to receive it?
A:- After payment confirmation through western union money transfer you will get a MTCN No. from the western union booth and if the same MTCN no is provided to us we can collect the money.
Q:- Is any documentation required after the payment is made?
A:- Yes, manual authorization is also mandatory in certain cases which could be as follows-
a. The credit card statement of the payment sender which must reflect the credit card number and the billing address. It should be the latest credit card statement from the same credit card which has been used to make payment of the transaction. We need a scanned copy of the header section of the buyer’s credit card statement that must contain the aforesaid details.
b. Photo id of the credit card holder whose card has been used to make last transaction, which could be any of the following. 
1. PAN Card / Voter’s ID Card
2. Passport or National Identity Card
3. Social Security Card
4. Driver’s License 
Keep in mind that you have got five days from the date of the order or else the order will get cancelled automatically by CC Avenue Risk Management Team.
Please forward this email: risk@ccavenue.com or   Fax +91 22 67425542 / 264 80 772 to enable us for processing of manual authorization. After successful processing you will be notified and the order status will get changed in your login account. 
Q: - Am I supposed to give complete address or give the PO Box Number?
A: - You are supposed to give complete physical address as the courier company does not accept the PO Box number.  
Q: - What if I have got extra size, need I pay extra for that?
A: - Yes, You need to pay more when you have got extra size. Charges are dependent upon the price of the product and the measurement given by you. Generally, the Lehenga is provided with chest size in inches i.e. 40 inches, waist size 38 inches, and hips size 42 inches. Extra charges will be applicable to size above 44 inches.
Q: What if I make double payment for any orders then what you will do?
A: - We do not accept two payments for any one order. 
Q: - What if you make the payment partly, what about the rest?
A: - We do make any refund only once and if the get the half refund, even then you will not get the rest of the payment.
Q: - What are the modes of payment available on your site?
A: - You have got the modes of payments which as follows-
1. PayPal
2. Western Union
3. Bank Transfer
4. Credit Card & Debit Card
5. CCAvenue
Q:- What if I am encountering with slight changes in the prices of the items from my cart?
A:- Price change results from currency fluctuation which appears with latest price on the displayed products.
Q:- Will the price of the newly arrived product change over a specific period of time?
A:- Unless the sarees are put up on sale, we do not make reduction in the prices of the newly arrived product.
Q:- How much time will you take if I do not need stitching in the Lehenga?
A:- If the product you ordered is available in stock then we ship it in one or two days.
Q:-  If once placed, can I make any changes in the order?
A:- We are aware that you would want to make changes in the ordered sizes  or colour option of a product in the order. You can make changes in the order within 24 hours through (via) TICKET SYSTEM or by phone.
Q: Can I return an item if I purchase it?
A:- You can’t return an item unless it is found damaged or sent on wrongly delivered address.
Q: What if I send measurement after the order has been processed?
A:- Yes, it is accepted if you make send measurement after the order has been processed.
Q:- Who decides cancellation of the order?
A:- www.StyleYug.com  , PayPal and www.CCAvenue.com  holds the right to cancel the on the ground of suspicion.
Q:- How does order confirmation email differ from payment confirmation email?
A: Order confirmation email proves that you have made an order on our shopping portal. It doesn’t mean that the payment has been made successfully but if you receive a payment confirmation email it implies that you have made payment by CCAvenur or PayPal.
Q: How am I supposed to send my measurement?
A: We will be sending you a measurement form which you will need to fill in with your details after the order has been confirmed with us.
Q:- If we want you to increase the blouse length will you do that?
A:- No, it will not be feasible as designer or embroidered work on the blouse or it length cannot be increased.
Q: Will you be able to get the lining done underneath the Lehenga choli?
A:- Yes, the lining underneath the Lehenga choli will get done.
Q: What fabric are you using for the lining of Lehnga?
A:- Satin fabric is being used for net lehenga choli and Cotton lining is being used for other Lehenga choli.
Q:- Can you give me different type of necklines, sleeves or blouse stitched?
A:- Yes, you are at liberty to pick out your style necklines, sleeves or blouse for all unstitched items.
Q:- If my requirement is long sleeved blouses shall I get them?
A: No! Each blouse material is 85 cms in size so we find it difficult to make sleeves longer. However, you can mail us the message mentioning your requirement.
Q: After a product has been seen and it has been selected by me, how long shall it remain you stock?
A:- There is nothing sure till how long it will last, we sell it on first come first serve basis. We suggest that you place an order for the express shipping products as soon as possible, because items are available in stock.
Q:- Are we supposed to provide you with precise body measurement or the available garment measurement?
A:- For stitching, you are supposed to provide us with correct measurement of your body. Don’t give margins plus measurements in inches or centimeters. Do not give additional measurements which have already been provided. We can make precise allowances for shrinking fabrics and your comfort.
Q:- What will you do if my measurements reach you late?
A:- If your measurements reach us later than 30 days time your item will remain unstitched. That’s the reason you need to submit your measurements in correct time frame.
Q:- What does a Ready-to-Wear Saree mean?
A:- A pre-stitched or ready-to-wear saree simplifies wearing a saree. It looks as if it has been already put up on the skirt. It itself is a skirt having been pleated but stitched saree which is found in the middle and is worn over a petticoat and there is no problem of tucking, pleating or adjusting the pallu portion because they are already set into the centre to ease up its wearer. It is wearable instantly in a span of about one minute so it is called one minute saree. So you can wear it just as you wear a skirt and the drape the loose end over your shoulder. Petticoat comes stitched accompany with saree. 
Q: - What is Fall and Edging?
A: - Edging on sarees gives the saree a smooth texture. Falls are inner lining made from cotton which shields the lower part of the saree. After wearing the saree dangles and touches the ground and sometimes it makes walking difficulty. That’s why a fall is applied at the edge side of the saree so that the saree should not get entangled. Fall applied at the edge keeps the saree stiff.
Q: - Is embroidery work done on across the blouse of my saree or lehenga?  
A: - The embroidery work is done across one side and the sleeves. You can pick out the side where you want embroidery work on whether front or back. You can make suggestion in to measurement form.
Q: Shall I get PIKO work done on my dupatta?
A:-Yes, PIKO work will be done on your dupatta without any extra charges.
Q: Shall I receive discounts on already offered items?
A: No we will not be able to offer you discount on already offered items.
Q: - Are online offers applicable at your retail showroom?
A: - No, online offers are not applicable at our retail Showroom.
1. Q: - What am I supposed to do if I forget my password or if my password is not accepted?
A:- if you forget your password or it is not accepted, you are supposed to try the Forgot Password link to create a new password. If this new password is not accepted, please contact customer support.
2. Q: - Do I have to type my address each time I place my order?
A: - All the registered users are offered the facility to recover saved addresses. We mail the log in password to all our new customers on the email id provided to us at the time of registration with us.
3. Q: How to place an order?
A: - You had better go through the following methods which are as follows:-
1. Opt for the desirable item like fabric or customizable.
2. Put the item to the cart.
3. For checkout option click ‘Proceed’.
4. Log in or proceed as guest
5. To select payment mode you need to proceed with payment by entering the shipping address
6. To complete the payment click on ‘place order’
7. The order ID will be created after successful completion of order placement.
4. Q:- I can’t download your item pages. Whenever I try to open this item, a popup box is seen. Please help.
Ans: Your computer system might be bugged with system cookies. We suggest that you delete stored cookies from your system and then you can try. It would work the problem.
Q:- Shall I get the exactly the same blouse which a model is wearing?
A:- The certain items have been posted on the site in which the item is worn by the model but this is done for photography purpose only. We actually provide items which are closely suited to blouses being worn by models.
5. Q: My order has been placed when shall I receive it?
A:- The overall time it takes for the order to ship is given on the website. However, four days are needed for customization while three to four days are required from the date of shipment.
Q: How will you deliver order to me?
A: We deliver order through most reliable courier companies like DHL, First Flight and UPS.
6. Q: How will be sure that my order is placed successfully?
A: Soon after your order is placed we will send you a email confirmation from us. You can log in on my account section and thus go through the status of your order.
7. Q: Do you accept order on the phone?
A:- Currently we do not accept you on the phone we will be requesting you to place your order through our website.
8. Q:- I want to gift someone for which I am placing an order. Will you send the price tags and invoice therein the parcel?
A: As per our business protocols we send the invoice with the parcel but it is not attached outside. It comes with it inside.
9. Q: - Are exchanges allowed by you?
A: Yes, we do allow exchanges. For more details you are requested to check our Return Policy.
10. Q: After my first order has been placed can I add one more to it?
A: You are requested to make fresh order for the item to opt for after placing an order.
11. Q: Will the product be seen in 1 day to ship? It means that my items will come in my hand in 1 day?
A: The product will be sent within 24 hour from the time of placing an order. To reach the product at your door step it will take more 4 days. And again if you opt for stitching then again 4 days will be required for customization.
12. Q: Is it that my order is partially shipped?
A: This possibility cannot be denied as time for processing each item varies from item to item. 
Items being ready to ship to be shipped are shipped separately.
13. Q: - As the time to ship the order is about 21 days, is it that I can get my order earlier than that?
A: If the buyers make priority request we do accept it. But delivery as per your request cannot be assured.  Sometimes the delivery time takes due period in processing. We have ready to ship products on our website you can choose to buy from there if you have time constraint.
14. Q: Is it that sometimes my order shows the status, ‘Awaiting Confirmation’?
A: this status shows that a confirmation is necessary from you for the item. We will send you a mail confirming all your details from you.
15. Q: can u send two different orders in two different countries. One is in US while another in India.
A: in this regard u need to make request for two orders separately because the shipping cost to both countries differ a lot. So from one order you cannot make two orders.
16. Q:- Will you make the out of order item available again?
A:- There is almost no chance to make an out of stock item. You can check if the same type item is available on the website.
17. Q: Is it necessary for me to register if I have to shop?
A: No you don’t need to be a registered user of StyleYug to make shopping with us. Nevertheless, a registered user can make faster checkouts and customized recommendations. We have made registration made simple as there are multiple benefits of registration. While you complete order processing the only thing you have to do is to opt for the guest checkouts option and we will enroll your email and dispatch you the My account password.
18. Q: Am I supposed to use two different codes at a time?
Ans: You can use one discount code at one time when you want to place an order. We keep you informed of if there are any changes to be made.
19. Q: What do I have to do in getting my Gift card redeemed, it is not operating?
A: We make you request to you to mail us your previous order details and a code provided to you, then we will be able to help you in getting the Gift Card redeemed. 
20. Q: Why it is that when I try to use a discount code on your site, a message pops up saying discount code is invalid?
A: Discount codes are subject to change. They are changed unnoticed. So if you help us with the code we can check it and get back to you with provide you correct updates.
21. Q: How am I supposed to select a free accessory with my order?
A: You need to log in from My account section and then fill in the profile page where in you need to fill your correct details like date of birth then click on fashion accessory tab shown on the left side and thereafter  you can choose the item of your choice for which you are eligible. You are also advised to select the gift item attached with each item and the submit the filled in form.
22. Q: Is there specific time parameter for redemption of Gift Card?
A: - The Gift Card comes with a life time validity.
Q:- In what circumstance I am eligible for free Gift?
A: Fashion accessory actually comes free with every purchase you make. As such specific order value has not been fixed yet.
23. Q:- In place of Free Gifts can I get cash or discounts?
A:- Any free fashion accessory is offered to as a token of good will for shopping with us and you cannot expect us to give you cash against such gift accessories.
24. Q: How and when shall I receive my Free Gift?
A:- The free fashion accessory which you selected would be shipped to you along with the it you ordered and we will send you both free fashion accessory and the item you ordered.
25. Q: - When can I select the free fashion accessory?
A: - You can select free fashion accessory only after you have confirmed the order for processing?
26. Q: Shall I get my gift even on cancellation on my order?
A:- When you order gets canceled the free gift is also automatically canceled.
27. Q: Can I ask for some other gifts in place of gifts listen on the site against the order placed by you?
A: It takes a lot of time in making available free gifts for our customers and we even make an endeavour to provide you to choose out of wide range of free gifts posted on the site. Even this free gift section is a separate part on our shopping portal. 
28. Q: We find that some items are beautiful and the price is also high, in this scenario can we get a discount?
A:- Keeping in mind the quality standard, our products have got not only a nominal cost. However we have a separate section handling products on sale. 
29. Q: Can I get sleeves for the items whose images on the website do not show sleeve?
A:- When the customers make a special request for the sleeve we consider the sleeves up to 3 to 5 inches on the items ordered. However we request you to make sure there is possibility to have had sleeves separately before placing the order.
30. Q: I have placed my order without clicking on the option made for customization, what shall I do now?
A: If your ordered item has not reached you then you have got the customization option. You will need to pay separately for the stitching charges. A payment link is provided for making payment against such additional charge. 
31. Q: I ordered a pre-stitched saree along with the petticoat. When the order came the petticoat was also found stitched. Actually I was expecting a stitched saree and a unstitched petticoat. 
A:- When you place order for a pre-stitched saree then petticoat coming with it also comes stitched.  If you wish to have the saree stitched separately, you should mail us stating your requirement  but that should be soon after you have placed the order.
32. Q:- Do you provide margin on all customizable items?
A: Yeah! 2 inches of space on the item of customization are considered for to be loosening. 
33. Q: Can I submit my measurements after the order has been placed?
A: Yes, you can submit your measurements later on. However, you can make sure your order is processed soonest. We request you to submit your measurements  at the time of making order. 
34. How much is the customization charge per item?
A:- We have two phase customization charges. The first phase is Standard Stitching while the second phase is Udesign. Following are the customization charges for both these phases.
Blouse Standard – Rs.250.00 INR Udesign –Rs.350.00 INR   Semi-stitched – Rs.250.00 INR
Petticoat Standard – Rs.300.00 INR Pre-stitched Saree Rs.500.00 INR  
Salwar Standard  -  Rs.475.00 INR Udesign – Rs.700.00 INR Semi Stitched  - Rs.475.00 INR
Lehenga Standard  - Rs.900.00 INR Udesign Rs.1300.00 INR Semi-stitched – Rs.900.00 INR



35. Q: I made my payment but ‘Authorization Fail’ is appearing on the site. What can I do further?
A:- While making transaction, your payment may not have been made with the card you have used. It may happen due to technical error. In this circumstance you can make use of another card or you can contact the bank you have account with.  
36. Q:  Why is it that while making transactions I have been charged twice?
A: This must have happened because of some technical error while making transactions. You are supposed to write to us mentioning your payment details along with options. Two options include you can ask for refund or you can ask for Gif Card to shop at StyleYug. 
37. Q: I have tried to make order payments too many times but an error message is popping up and thus unable to complete it. What may be the possible reason?
A:- If you have tried number of times and failed. We have provided gateways to make payment. What you can do is delete the cookies from your system and try to use another gateway. However, if the errors reoccur you instantly mail us the message saying that you are getting errors while you are trying to make the payment. We will forward your query to the concerned department for resolving your problem. 
38. Q: Can I make payments in parts?
A:  Payments is not allowed to be made in parts.
39. Q: Can I pay for my order partially?
A: Partial payment is not applicable. To complete your order you need to make a full payment.
40. Q: Is it unfair to reveal my credit card details over the internet?
A: We do not receive our customer’s credit card details through email or phone calls. We suggest that you avoid sharing it with anyone. However, in certain payment transaction we tend to use ultramodern credit card security technology which you can call Security Sockets Layer (SSL). This encrypts you credit card number which means your credit card number cannot appear completely while you credit card details are being shared on the net. All the details of the credit card which you fill while making payment online through our website directly go to the issuer bank. For further details, please go through Credit Card. 
41. Q: Shall my credit card number remain confidential?
Ans: Your credit card number or details are not received by us but they are directed towards the credit card company by the gateway interface which you use for making payment. Hence your bank details remain confidential.
42. Q: Shall my details remain confidential?
A:- StyleYug makes use of latest data encryption technology to make sure that customer’s detail  is safe and there is no harm from outside resources. We do not authorize any third party to make use of your personal details. We follow business ethics. For us customer’s privacy is important to us. We stand tall to serve you and not to go into malpractices. Your personal details which include your name, address and other details are used by us to attend to your order. 
43. Q:- Why is my credit card rejected while I was making payments? Mention few reasons.
A:- Your credit card may get rejected on the following grounds.
1. Inaccurate details of the credit card
2. Declination of credit card from Credit Card Company or bank.
3. Your credit card has crossed excess credit limit.
4. Credit card company does not authorize overseas transactions
5. Shipping and Billing address do not match. 
For further assistance, contact your respective bank.
44. Q: What sort of credit and debit cards can I use to make payment for online shopping with StyleYug?
A: As far as credit card is concerned, Visa / Master Card / Discover / JCB / American Express / Diners Club Cards are accepted while as regards debit card payment facility, you are supposed to confirm with the bank whether they offer the overseas payment making facility.
45. Q: Can I make changes in making the payment while I am placing my order?
A:- You can do this only before making payment by using payment options. Once the payment options are used or approved, it cannot be changed. 
46. Q:- I find slight changes in the prices for the items in my cart. Why this?
A:- This kind or slight change arises out of currency fluctuation. It reflects the recent price on the displayed item on the website.
47. Q: I do not want to provide my credit card info due to security purpose. Is there any other options?
A:- If you are afraid to make use of credit card info then you had better make use of wire transfer. In this regard make contact with our customer care department to clearly make out the entire process. Please see Payment Options.
48. Q: Which payment gateways are available for making payment?
A:- We make you available six payment gateways:
1. ICICI Bank Online
2. PayU
3. Cheque for hassle-free payment 
4. Draft for hassle-free payment
5. Cash On Delivery (COD) for order delivery in the country
6. Direct Bank Deposit in ICICI Bank.
49. Q: Do we have net banking gateways for online purchase?
A:- Yes. We have net banking gateways such as Kotak, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Punjab National Bank etc.
50. Q: Can I make payment via bank deposit to avoid online payment failure?
A: You can make a payment through ICICI bank deposit provided you are facing online payment failure or other discomforts. Certain charges are applicable via this gate. After you have made the payment via bank transfer you are supposed to send us a scanned copy of the receipt of the payment made.
51. Q: What is IFSC Code?
A:- Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is an alpha-numeric code which identifies a bank branch that participates in the NEFT system. This is an eleven digit code having the first four alpha numeric characters. Initial four tells the name of the bank and rest seven tells the branch number. This code is found on the cheque book.
52. Q:- Can I know about cross border fee or international transaction fee?
A:- We do not charge international transaction fee. The bank you have credit card or debit card from charge this transaction fee. Sometimes, the bank can try to conceal the fee or will not claim the responsibility for charging it until they are approached. We get lots of inquiries from our customers as they always think they are getting overcharged. The customer in this regard had better contact their accounts holding bank on these fees.
53. Q: s Do you over charge if we are paying cash on delivery. 
A:- We do not overcharge on cash on delivery orders. However VPP charges are considered applicable.
54. Q: The cash on delivery option is available for country?
A:- This option is available for India only.
55. Q: How do you deliver orders for cash on delivery payments?
A:- You can make delivery either through reputed courier company or Indian Postal Service.
56. Q: How will I be sure that my COD order is confirmed?
A: - After we have received the order and taken the confirmation we will mail you the message or give you a phone call within 1 working day.
57. Q:-What is the limit for placing cash on delivery items?
A:- The cash on delivery facility is made available for orders of up to Rs.5000.00 INR.
58. Q:- How about if I have to place an order which is above Rs.5000.00 INR?
A: You can pay the exceeding amount which is above Rs 5000.00 INR to our the Saraswat Co-operative Bank. For rest of the details get in touch with our customer care department.
59. Q: Shall I get an invoice for custom clearance purpose?
A: - Yes. We ship you a copy of invoice along with the parcel. If you want additional copy, you can also get it we will email it to you as per your request.
60. Q: Is it that you make partial shipment for cash on delivery orders?
A:- Yes. It is likely that we can make partial shipment. However, individual item value  should be less than Rs.5000.00 INR.
61. Q:- Cancel the order because I found that the same order at the lower price?
A: variation in price is dependent upon multiple factors. Please we will appreciate if you mail us the link of the site where you have come across the item with lower price so that we will help you. 
62. Q: I want to add one more new item in the existing order.
A:- Please you are advised to put a fresh order for the item which you wish to buy.
63. Q: Can my order be canceled?
A: Your orders will not be cancelled if the same order has been dispatched or put customization option in it. However you are advised to mail us on info@StyleYug.in  by mentioning a reason of cancellation, your order status is checked and then we will help you. 
64. Q: I need a change in shipping address because we are relocating to a new location.
A:- Yes will can accept your new address and ship the product on your new address. But you will have to contact our customer care department.
65. Q: I placed my order from USA address. But I moved from there to India. And now I want the item on my Indian address. Shall I get the refund of shipping charges?
A: Yes. You will get the refund of the shipping charges as we never charge to ship on inland addresses.  Please contact our customer care team for refund.
66. Q: Do you ship items anywhere in the world?
A: Yes we ship our product to every corner of the world. We have associated with most reputed courier companies which can assist us in shipping the product.
67. Q: I have to go out of town. Can you expedite my order delivery?
A: We do our best to fulfill your requirements. If you need expedited delivery, you can make a special a request at our customer care department. However, we cannot assure that it can be expedited. 
68. Q: Can we give billing address and shipping address separately?
A: Yes, you can give different addresses as per your convenience.
69. Q: Will my order items be safe during transit?
A: We have a tie-up with all world-class logistics companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL. The order delivery is always safe.
70. Q: What is the Ready to Ship option?
A: Ready to Ship items are those items which we ship in about one working day from the receipt of your order. 
71. Q: What is custom duty charge? 
A:- Q Custom duty charge is a tax which is imposed upon import of goods by the custom officers  of the country in which the item is shipped to raise revenue. Custom duty is levied most times on the value of goods or upon the weight , dimension . The custom duty changes from country to country.
72. Q: Why do I need to pay custom duty charges?
A: Charges are dependent upon importing country rules and regulations. Charges such as VAT, custom or duties, Clearance charges and local sales tax are not under our control they are fixed by local government.   
73. Q: Will you be able to send my gift order containing no invoice, a lower amount, or an item not for sale tag?
A: No. That can’t be feasible. As we are involved into e-commerce, we get to conform with commercial trade rules and regulations and total governance as per international shopping. 
74. Q: On my previous order custom duty had not been charged then why now? 
A: We cannot say for sure when these charges are applicable. The charges are dependent upon importing country rules and regulations. The charges are likely to change as per the rules of country wherein the item is sent. The charge varies from country to country. If you have any doubt you are advised to check with the country custom office.
75. Q: How much custom duty shall I have to pay?
A:- The custom duty may vary from country to country and it is also subject to product value. It also depends upon preferential rates fixed as per bilateral agreement between trading countries.   
The custom duty is derived from the rates of goods value and customs act. The custom charges are agreed on custom exemption notifications wherever is applicable. 
Q: My shipping charges have been paid then why I have been told to pay more?
A: Shipping cost is an amount which you paid us for shipping your product. All our products are sent on CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) prepaid basis. If the courier man tries to scrounge shipping charges from you, do not pay. Rather, contact us. Buyers are supposed to pay import duties, VAT/custom taxes to the courier company. Custom charges, Import duties and VAT are not inclusive of ordering process but the taxes are fixed mandatorily by the government.
76. Q: Why do I get email notification regarding custom duty charges?
A: We are aware of countries wherein Custom Charges are applicable. So if we find that the order is being shipped to a country where custom charge is applicable, we immediately issue email notification saying that they have to pay custom charges. We inform them of this through automated or electronically generated emails as soon as the order placed by the customer is confirmed.  
77. Q:- I am in receipt of an item which is defect ridden. Can you help me?
A: In this regard we guide our customer to take a snapshot/photograph of the defect ridden area and email it to us. We would be able to work out your problem.
78. Q: I am in receipt of an item over a month ago and now I wish to return it. Is that possible?
A: In case  you have to return the product having defects. You ought to return it within one month from the date of delivery at your door. You can read our return policy. 
79. Q: Will I have to pay any additional for the replacement of dupatta, blouse or churidar that  would be provided to us. 
A: You can go through our Returns Policy here.
80. Q: Is it possible that I can return a part of my order?
A: A: Yes, you can send back a part of your order in case it fits into our sales criterion and rules and regulations.
81. Q: Is there any drop-ship facility on your behalf? 
A: We have no any such provision of drop-ship of the product facility.
82. Q: I order an item whose size is not well-fitting. Can I send it back?
A: We instruct you to email us the size which is not as per the measurements you have provided us. Take a photograph of this item and email it to us so that we may be able to help you. 
83. Q: can you tell who is responsible to pay for the shipment charge.
A: Whenever we find that your problem is under our capacity to solve, we will definitely ship the charges completely.
84. Q: After I have been in receipt of an item, if I dislike the item, can it send it back?
A: Yes. You can. Please go through our our Returns Policy.
85. Q: I found the colour variation in an item which I order. Can I return it? 
A: You perhaps may be knowing that this colour variation is due to the lights effect, like red colour saree wil look maroon colour as far their shades are concerned. The red shades can also appear like orange shades. It is due to the shade colour. However, if you need to get the replacement you can email us a photograph of the related saree. We will help you.   
86. Q: Can I make changes into an order once it has been placed?
A: Yes. You can make changes in the order and it is subject to its being under processing. 
87. Q: What if the replacement order is very less expensive? What about the extra-amount?
A: If the replacement item is very less expensive then we will offer you a gift card which you can use in online shopping. 
88. Q: Can I use the discount code of my earlier order in the replacement order? 
A: Yes, you can.
89. Q: How am I supposed to get my refund?
A: if for cancelled orders, the refund is made through the same payment mode which was used to place the order. For example. If you use use Visa or Master Card then your cancellation order would be issued. 
90. Q:- Where is your Main office located?
A: We have our main office at Kalbadevi Mumbai Maharashtra India.
91. Q: Will you be able to tell us your private policy?
A: We give priority to your privacy and we keep your details always safe and confidential. We need your basic details and the info provided is safe with us. 
92. Q: Do you take wholes orders?
A: Yes. We take wholesale orders. We suggest that you email us on infor@StyleYug.in  and make inquiry. We revert to you in within 24 hours.