Shipping & Return Policy

You can buy 24 by 7 from StyleYug online shopping portals.  Buy as per your convenience. We are specialized into designer sarees which suit all of our Indian state cultures and people who follow such cultures. No kind of duplication into selling of ordered products. The items ordered by choosing from our online portal are exactly delivered. 
As per dreams and ambition, StyleYug is making an endeavour to reach out to buyer’s level of expectations and meet their needs at the best possible price.  StyleYug aims at accomplishing our customer demands. One-on-one care is taken while handling customer care issues. We believe each customer is precious to us. We care about customer’s emotions and empathize with them.
We make sure the product ordered is delivered safely at the doorstep of our customer in fully safe condition. 
The goods returned by our customers are accepted within seven days from the date of purchase. It hardly happens that there can be a tiny defect or damage in the purchased goods. In case this happens we shall be able to give replacement of the product purchased if a request for replace is made within seven days from the receipt of the package.
You can forward your request at our customer care department by mentioning your order no., product details and price etc. We give our customers the products at the best price in the market in order to nurture our customer demands. However, you plan to return the good ordered there are certain terms and conditions you will need to seek mutually agreeable return. 
If you encountered any problems after goods have been delivered, feel free to mail us.
The defected product may be accepted within 7 days from the receipt of the product purchased.
Goods may not be taken back if any stitching work is done on them or its size has been changed it as per your needs... The goods returned must be in its original and unused condition with intact tags and packages and they must be unused at all.  In against the manufacturing defect, we replace the product at the same cost or the 20 per cent cost amount is refunded once our GR department receives it and confirms the product is without any wear and tear. The taxes, levied by income tax laws or taxes which you paid shall not be refunded. The shipping charges in against refund shall be cut off. The product on which we offered discounts will not be taken back.  It is mandatory that before sending the product for replacing or refund, you have got to discuss with us and get verification. 
At the time of sending back for replacement or refund, make sure you reported all the problems associated with either a single piece ordered or package delivery. You need to be specific when describing issue related to defected products because all the returned product items are checked carefully to find out defects as well as variations.  Contact our GR department customer care cell to return the products. They will communicate to our courier company to pick up the products. StyleYug does not take the responsibility for the refund of charge you paid for shipping to consign the parcel back. Safe delivery of goods to be returned, it is customers responsibility to deliver it safely. If the package is not delivered safely at our logistics cell, we shall not be able to assist you. Make sure you are sending the products through a reliable courier company and forwarding the details of the track to us. Maintain all concerned documents.  Refund is claimed within 60 days from the date of receipt of transacted goods. After all this formality gets over, refund would take approximately 4 to 5 working days for the refund to reflect in customer’s account. We respect our customer’s dignity to go for the 7 days exchange policy.
StyleYug believes in customer satisfaction which is our topmost priority. Whenever you shop with us, your shopping experience will remain pleasant and memorable occasion. In case, after purchase, you find any unsatisfactory instance we have excellent options which can give you unfeigned jollification of purchase. But we always endeavour that you will not need to go for this replacement policy. Nevertheless, for legal compliance we need to proclaim our terms which are as follows – If you feel our product is lacking certain things and reaching expectation levels, you are entitled to write to us, we shall extend our co-operation to a greater extent.  We are fully committed to provide you with best of the best products and services. As the byword “To err is human” we are prepared to work out solutions to all the problems.  We make sure the product ordered is delivered safely at the doorstep of our customer in fully safe condition. However, it hardly happens that there can be a tiny defect or damage in the purchased goods. Provided you received a defect-ridden or damaged product or unclaimed item, please communicate to us by email within 24 hours from the receipt of the product. By doing this you are literally safe from losing out on packing materials and the product itself. We shall ship replacement consignment with no additional shipping charge and any more delays. Provided, the ordered product is found unavailable, we suggest you that you make a request to pick out the well-suited and well-chosen alternate to the ordered piece of goods. We shall ship the consignment to you with without any additional charges.
If you are not going to opt for the alternate product, we shall make a full refund without any deductions. Even a mutually agreeable solution is also worked out.    
You can contact us instantly on our email id if you face any problems. You are supposed to communicate your issues within 24 hours from the receipt of the product.  We expect you to take our prior consultation before dispatching the product back to us. We have not been giving credit or replacement facility on goods sent back.
You got to report to our customer care cell if you find any problems in delivering a single or a package. You need to give accurate details of the reasons of sending back as we make overall scrutiny and come to a conclusion based on correctly and carefully made analysis. You need to send back the consignment using an authorized courier company or airmail.
The returned goods must not be worn, washed out, exchanged and must be sent back with seven working days from Monday to Saturday in good condition. 
Make sure the invoice copy that you had been given by us is included along with packaged goods to be sent back. 
We will make minute inspection of the garment we receive from you and if found any glitch or defect take initiatives to stop such issues arising. 
As we take it our responsibility to ship the product at your doorstep in a safer manner, in like manner we expect you to ship it back to us unless found with defects or damages or any other issues.  If you deliver the package and if it does not reach us, that would be your responsibility solely, we are anyways not answerable at all.  So read our authorization mail ordnances on return policy of the product and make sure you are using proposed postal services whose details have been given in authorization mail. You are also instructed to maintain documents such as postal receipt or airway bill till the returned package is received by us. 
The defect ridden product should be as having been the least possible value. Hopefully, even if you receive something customized locally, keep in mind lots of trials and alterations are mandatory. 
About multiple goods which have been ordered, if the delivery is not made, then we request our customers to choose alternate items or customers do not choose this option then they get refund of against the non-delivered goods which is inclusive of shipping charges.
 The process for posting credits to a customer’s credit card account takes at about 3 to 5 working days. The customer’s bank might require about 2 business days to have to post these credits to his accounts from the date of processing on behalf of our side. The customers can make sure the credits are posted into their next credit card statement.
You got to be highly precautious while honoring the parcel. You need to take a look at the covering of the parcel you are going to receive the package from the courier company and if the damage or tampering gets found out, you need to  verify the quality and count the number of items received, confirm the invoice is included with the parcel.  If the items or the parcel gets affected, either not to honour the parcel or write down a specific remark on any such delivery proof. Also lodge proper complain with the local office of the courier agency, so that we may pursue them.
The buyers must keep in mind that the order sarees can lose sequins or embellishments. This happens irrespective a great care taken by us or you. This normally happens during transit or custom inspection which takes place very carefully. The box sometimes can be found to have been crammed with more number of sarees than it can take. The possibility that in few hours time such embellishments can come cannot be denied which is because of such careless handling during check. So you don’t need to be pensive about this sort of variation and even in some fabrics the embellishments are dilapidated or ramshackle. 
Our product is circulated across the globe on any postal address excluding countries namely Russia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Courier companies do not accept products to be sent to P O Box address. In as much as we need your detailed address including pin / zip code, and street name etc.
Kindly note that in certain countries including USA our courier agents such as FEDEX, UPS, DHL, USPS and Speed Post would not be able to guarantee that they will give sign confirmation of shipment delivery on customer’s home address. These agencies say that residential shipments would be left in front of the apartment door if no one is there to receive the package or no one answers the door bell. The buyer has to make sure that there is always someone to receive our product even as our courier man reaches on the address with the parcel.  In the countries where weekend days are not working days so on these days no delivery is made on the address provided. In certain Islamic countries all Fridays are officially declared holidays. Despite this problem we sometimes arrange to dispatch the delivery on Saturday by managing additional shipping charge.
Wherever our product is delivered, delivery is made only on working days which vary from country to country. If our buyer cannot approach courier company stores on Sundays or off days as they will not be found open on the days.
Shipment charge is dependent upon the price of the product. If the products are more in number in one go, then the shipping charges dwindles i.e. would be lower. There are no shipping charges if delivery is made in the country. If you want to get the product shipped outside India then you need to call and talk to our company customer care executives to get international shipping charges.
Be careful that there is a risk if the product is sent to any girl’s hostel or school or college. Such risk is the responsibility of the customer who is placing the order.  If the parcel is rejected by the school warden or if it is refused otherwise for any reasons then StyleYug will not make refund against the product being rejected at all or will post credits to customers account. StyleYug shall also not even try to resend the same shipment. If the buyer wants the shipment for a specific date, then buyer must make a mention in advance or email us while the order is being placed. The order in this regard must be placed with the delivery date they want to opt for. If the delivery date is not found then the product is sent as soon as possible.
We dispatch the ordered products by courier companies such as USPS, SpeedPost, TNT, DHL  and the overall time it takes to reach the product is about 48-72 hours for countries such USA, Europe and measure cities of Middle East and Far East. Cheaper shipping options may be suggested on making such request. The quotation for shipping is also forwarded if made such request on our company email id.
Two different products may be packed in separate parcels and shipped on different days. It may happen due the product availability and the buyer’s location to maintain safety during transit. So you might receive them on varied days or dates from India only. 
StyleYug assures that the ordered product is shipped without any additional shipment charge. If the ordered product has not reached you due to courier company fault, the risk involved is ours. StyleYug does not accept the risk of loss or larceny of the product or damage of the product partially or fully during transit once the product has been delivered on buyer’s address.  
You may receive an email from us soon after it has been issued from us to the courier company. The alert email message from us will contain courier company website details and the tracking number apart from the approximate date on you might get the delivered parcel. You are supposed to check it on the order status page. You can for this purpose log in on to My Account Slot which appears on our website. The tracking numbers get activated within 24 hours after the ordered product has been delivered.
Once order placed is registered no changes or alteration are allowed to be made but if there is a change in address it can be considered after a request for change in address is made to us. But that has to be made with 24 hours from the time of registering the product. You can make change in order request by sending the request on   after which request will be taken into consideration. 
Multiple Address Order:  If you want to send the product to different addresses, you can place multiple orders.
Please kindly take a note that a penalty is charged if the wrong or incomplete address is provided. This incomplete address means there is no zip code is found not applicable to that area. Will the customer please bear the cost involved or penalty levied by the courier company and this problem is not our responsibility.  So you are kindly advised to furnish correct postal address. If the same order needs to be reshipped, the customer will need to take the responsibility for such reshipping charges.
Mode of Packing: Initially the product is packed into polythene and then packed into corrugated box.  We ship your product through first class air courier service and you might receive the ordered goods within about 4-5 working days after consignment has been issued on your address.
The product to be shipped to the customer takes varied time periods which is dependent upon the availability of item. You are advised to convey us with product codes to have to tell you more precise time limit after the product has been issued from us. The most precise time after the product has been processed is about 48 to 72 hours after having sent the order. You are advised to wait for about 7 to 15 working days.
In case of delay in transit..
Certain times due to inevitable situations which are not under our precinct to handle, delay in transit cannot be denied. So in this regard customer is not supposed to claim for refund, returns, replacement or exchange.  Moreover, certain benefits like store credits can be allowed to be used for orders in immediate future which again depends upon case basis. 
However benefits such as some store credit to be used for future orders, free gift etc can be allowed on case to case basis. One additional reason for delay could be that the product is not available into stock or unusual delay in filling an order but in such circumstance you will be updated through our email message.  Nevertheless, delivery dates told to you may be approximate date and we are not responsible delay because of this reason. In case if the desired product is not within our precinct, then in this circumstance we will be able to offer you refund.
Custom or VAT is not within the ambit of our capacity as it varies because of the rules and regulations of the country where our product is shipped and in this regard the custom or VAT has to be paid by the customer directly. VAT, Custom or any import duties are the part of shipment charge. Contrarily, these taxes are imposed by the government. Customers who are buying from countries other than India have to keep in mind that customs or duty fees are to be paid by the customers only. StyleYug is not responsible for such taxes. We cannot even predict where or in which country the custom is applicable as policy of charging custom varies from country to country.
These taxes like VAT or custom or import duties are your concern. The fact that courier companies will be able to demand custom or import duty or VAT from you cannot be denied but the demanded fee differs from customer to customer.
Standard Shipping: Standard shipping might take about 3 to 5 days for the product to be received. If your choice is for standard stitching or Udesign, then it might take more 4 days for the ordered goods to be received in hands. 
Ready to Ship Section (RTS)
The standard delivery time is one working day as per RTS rules. In all the chosen channels to receive the ordered goods RTS has got a gateway that gives you speedy delivery of the ordered product.  
Assured Delivery
On behalf of assured delivery section, it is likely that your ordered product in your hand in about 3 working days but there are additional shipment charges. You had better choose RTS channel. If chosen Standard Stitching/UDesign, then extra 2 working days are considered to receive the parcel which is equivalent to 2 more days with the time told to you for normally declared time.
Postal and Billing Address
The postal address is the address on which the customer chooses the product to be shipped while the billing address is that address on which the credit card company dispatches the bill.
What will you do if my shipment is lost?
In case a shipment is damaged, lost or stolen, we tend to wait for 15 working days and then we reship the same shipment to you. You can go thorough shipping policies if the need arises you can email us at   
At StyleYug, we offer best deal to all our buyers on purchase in bulk choosing the best mode of payment convenient for them. The customers can also find great comfort in dealing with us. The appropriately considered payment making option is via plastic i.e. credit cards or debit cards.
This plastic includes MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and VISA, Maestro cards, Discover and Diners Club cards. We provide you net banking support with ICICI, Punjab National Bank, Kotak, HDFC, IDBI and IndusInd etc. You will find variety of gift cards on our website. If purchase is made from India itself then the payment can be made after the ordered product is received by the customer. You can pay through bank account with bank to bank transfer which must be done with 3 days upon order registration.
Account Name:- 
Account Number:- 
Bank Name:- 
Bank IFSC Code:-
Hassle-free shopping
A great care is taken for safe transfer of payment made to StyleYug. Your personal details are taken by anyone from StyleYug via email or call. You are not supposed to share you accounts details to anyone from StyleYug. Incomplete information provided by the customer will result in cancellation of order. In case this happens the customer would be informed within 24-72 hours. The customer can replace the order within 48 hours. Providing precise information would be mandatory. Your cheques, Demand Drafts and money order should reach us within 7 working days from the date of product registration for purchase. The ordered goods would get delivered after clearing the payment. You can get more info on