Terms & Conditions

We keep you informed of all the latest product range. The change or discontinuation in the product is decided by us. Once your order is placed we get in touch with via email and forward you an order confirmation number. After the ordered product has been shipped, you might be able to receive a shipping tacking number. You are then able to check the details of delivery status. If you log in to your account with StyleYug you can see current status of the order you placed. The order is accepted only if complete details are provided in the order form. The details must include landline number and zip code. The product price or its designs can be changed without prior notice. We will take care that your product will be in good condition when it will reach your place. You have got to send correct measurements in inches or centimeters and allowances are decided by us as your convenience. Please do not send incomplete or wrong address. We do not take the responsibility if the saree is dispatched on such address. Once you purchased it is going to be final. For online purchase you will not get refund of money which you paid for the product. The price we have fixed is considered in Indian currency. Online shopping product price does not include shipping cost, expedited service, levied can be added to your complete invoice price. We have every endeavour to make available all the products which exhibit on our site. You computer monitor might not show the actual colour which is due to light setting, so in that regard it is not our site’s issue it may be picture snapshot by the digital cam. We do not accept payments by cheques, drafts, or by money orders when shopping is done using our portal. We will forward details of how to send money before you confirm the deal. We do accept all credit and debit cards.
Log on to our website www.StyleYug.com and her you have opportunities galore to gain from our multiple services. You are believed to have understood the terms and conditions which are as follows: 
Whenever you make a purchase it can carry one or multiple offers but it is subject to terms and conditions and the StyleYug holds the right to accept or reject your offer. If you forward your email id in order to confirm your order and this will help us our communication get better. We can also revert to you confirming details after which the order will be processed. After we have received an order confirming ordered goods we might like to accept your order.  
Eligibility for Membership
This site is available for users who are our under contract with us as per compliances. Those who are deemed incompetent to contract as per Indian Contract Act, 1872 are not eligible to avail of this site. If a person is minor i.e. minor or even if a person is above the age 13 they can resort to this site under parental guidance and if those parents are in conformity with our rules and regulations. Guardians or parents can transact with us even on behalf of their teenage children who are below 18 and above 13 but they must be our registered users.
 The sale or purchase is strictly forbidden to use this site if you are purchasing any product item which is for adult use. StyleYug holds the right to annihilate your membership and stops you from accessing our site StyleYug.com if you are found under the age of 18 and not a registered user. This site is not applicable to who are not legally registered members. If you are gonna register as a business entity you are representing that you entered into legal user agreement contract with us.  By using the site you agree to be bound by the Terms and conditions. 
Account and Registration Obligations: To keep your information confidential is our prime duty as per Privacy Policy. You are registered user then you have to keep your personal accounts details like password confidential so that others should have access to your account. StyleYug does not accept the responsibility for any kind of damage or loss happened in case you failed to maintain your password or accounts details. If you find someone is tampering with your password or using accounts details, you should make contact with us on our address of communication with you. If StyleYug comes across that there is a breach of trust with us, we shall without prior permission suspend your account without any of the liabilities on us. Moreover you are supposed to provide us with accurate, reliable, up-to-date and detailed information about your firm while filling our registration form. If found that the information provided by you is not genuine in accordance with our User Agreement, StyleYug holds the right to terminate or suspend your membership and stops you from accessing our website. 
Pricing Information
While we put forth genuine product and its information, pricing or topographical errors are likely to occur. 
The price cannot be confirmed until after your order is not placed. If the product has been listed at an incorrect price or details, StyleYug holds the sole right to revoke, reject or cancel such orders placed thereon provided the product has not dispatched.  In case the item is wrongly priced, StyleYug, at its discretion, either will direct you or revoke your order or inform you of the cancellation. If your ordered product does not get consigned from us, any offers thereupon will not be regarded as acceptable and StyleYug has got the right to make changes in the price of the product and will contact you through email id given by you at the time of the registration, or cancel the order and inform you of cancellation. If your order is accepted by StyleYug and then we will be debited to your credit card account and we will keep you informed that the payment has got debited.  Before the ordered goods are dispatched the payment will get processed.  In case your order gets to be cancelled, the processed payment also transferred to your account. Our attempt will always there to offer you the best price. Nevertheless, seldom does it happen that the tagged price on the online portal is not found on the store product tag. We attempt to offer you the lowest price range in your area. Prices and availability can be changed without prior notice. Certain times we are helpless to take your order or cancel them. We have the sole authority to refuse the order or cancel it for specific reasons. Certain situations will make us cancel your order. Sometimes we may have quantity limitations for purchase, sometimes defects in ordered products, sometimes in incorrect pricing, or sometimes problems spotted by the fraudulent avoidance department. We also need more details for verification before accepting your order. If the order is cancelled even after the payment has been processed from your account the same amount may get transferred back into your account.
Credit Card Details
We assume that the credit card details given by you to avail yourself of the service from StyleYug are correct and you are not making unlawful use of credit card which is not yours for any kind of credit card fund transfer. You also agree and endorse to provide correct details while making payment against your order on StyleYug. Your credit card information is not supposed to be shared by our payment gateways or any other parties unless required for fraudulent practices verification by law or court order. StyleYug will not be answerable for any kind of credit card fraud. Such liability arising out of misuse of credit card will be your concern. 
Fraudulent / Declined Transactions
StyleYug holds the sole right to recompense collection charges, the product cost and legal charge from the person using our site fraudulently. StyleYug makes decisions against such malpractice of using website illegally and sues such person if found using the site and indulging into any other illegal acts which prove breach of terms of conditions as per law. 
We hold no such liabilities in terms of damage or loss resulting from revocation or cancellation of transaction made on behalf of credit card holder.
Electronic Communications: When you communicate through email your communication, you admit that you are prepared to receive communication through such electronic media either by emailing or posting notices on the site. You also consent that all the notices, disclosures, agreements or other communications between us are under legal compliance or in writing.   
Conditions for Customer Support Chat:
StyleYug can stop the support service at any moment of time without notice.
StyleYug  or our executives may not be responsible for any kind of delay in answering the queries. Chat communication may be saved with us for reference with StyleYug and customer is not entitled to look up for this communication. Chatting will be considered mandatory under the legal periphery of compliances which is not supposed to be objectionable, obscene, threatening, unlawful, abusive and defamatory. The chat room is not considered open for selling or consulting on business proposals or any kind of invitations. You can exchange opinions, discuss about your needs and expectations from us but that should be under the periphery of the law. 
You Agree and Confirm:
On production of wrong information like address or name from your side, an extra cost incurred for redelivery will be claimed back from you. You can use our services for a right purpose that should be in compliance with the company annexure while you make use of our site and making business transaction.  The requested information from you for our communication should be authentication. The details are confirmed or assessed by us at any moment of time. The details provided by you should be correct and if found untrue or erroneous StyleYug holds the right to revoke your registration or debar you from usage of our website services without prior notice whatsoever. The access to our website service usage is at your risk. You are advised to check product description before placing an order. If you place an order you got to be abiding by all the rules and regulations included in our terms description. 
Our website does not allow you to have an access for:
1. Giving away any unprintable, harassing, procrastinating, abusive, perilous, obscene, or any such unlawful stuff on site
2. Transferring any such stuff that causes loss to civil liability or makes breach of concurrent laws, regulations.
3. Having an unauthorized access to our systems.
4. Messing with other person’s usage or enjoying the site.
5. Breach of company laws.
6. Tampering with networks or connected websites. 
7. Storing or transferring company stuff kept for copyright without owner’s permission. 
Changes in our Terms and Conditions for use of this site:
StyleYug may be able to make changes in the terms & conditions for our website usage without any prior notice to you.  You can sign our latest version of the User Agreement available on our site whenever you want. You are supposed to review our Terms and Conditions given on our site. Provided you do not agreed to our changed terms and conditions, you are liberty to discontinue using our website services.  Despite your discontinuation of services you ought to abide by our changed rules and regulations for use of this site.  
Governing Laws and Jurisdiction
This User Agreement shall be based on the laws concurrent to legal compliances. Any disputes or matters shall be coming under Mumbai Jurisdiction. All the difference arisen shall be resolved through an arbitrator support who has been appointed by StyleYug and his verdict is considered final and obligatory to both parties involved into dispute thereto.  The arbitration verdict is attributed to Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 which is latest amendment. The arbitration will be conducted in Mumbai which would be the jurisdiction for such proceeding and all laws therein may apply. 
Reviews, Feedback, and Submissions
The reviews, suggestions, ideas, comments and submissions under the custody of StyleYug shall be duly considered the property of StyleYug. Such submissions may be our assignment to rights, titles and interests among all the copyrights or intellectual property. Thus, StyleYug has all the rights with no limitations in its usage or otherwise.
StyleYug c shall be entitled to disclose, reproduce, modify, use, create any such derivatives, or print and display such comments which you submit for various intents. We shall not be under any obligation to hold any such comments in confidence,; secondly to pay you compensation for any comments, thirdly to respond to any such comments is not supposed to violet copy rights of third party or shall not cause damage to any person or entity. 
StyleYug does not make review on posted comments but has got the sole right to edit or remove any such comments submitted on our site. You are giving us the privilege to StyleYug to use the name in connection with such comments. By means of this you conform that you are not ready to use false email address and copy any entity work or the person’s work. You also agree that you will not mislead as regards any comments you pass on. You would be answerable for comment content you make and indemnify us and our affiliate for all claims arising out of your comments you make. We do not accept or assume any liabilities for any comments submitted by you or any such third party. 
Copyright & Trademark
StyleYug  along with its licensors, liaisons, suppliers, have the sole intellectual property in all text form, programmes, processes, technologies, products or all that is visible on this site. Access to this site does not accord any license of of StyleYug or any of its intellectual property of third party. All rights which are inclusive of copyright in this website are the property of StyleYug.  The use of anything on this website is prohibited without prior notice of the StyleYug. You cannot edit or repost or make changes into any of the website content for personal purpose. Everything on this website including names and logos and all concerned products and services, slogans and trademarks are the property of StyleYug. All the marks are owned by us and our respective companies. No trademark or service mark license is considered accessible on this website. Having access to this site does not ensure that they can use name, logo or mark owned by us. Our contents inclusive of images, designs, icons, pictures, programmes, music clips, downloads, text and illustrations, and whatever is the part of StyleYug o are intended to be designed or created for personal and non-commercial use. E The user of this site can download all displayed items for your personal use but it is subject to terms and conditions. No material such as downloaded titles or interests is transferred to you. And nor can you reproduce or publish, distribute, display, transmit, create or modify any work or from sell or participate in sale. The downloadable software on this site are the property of 
StyleYug or our suppliers and held by copyright laws. The compilation of all contents on this website is exclusive property of StyleYug under Indian and international copyright laws.
Objectionable Material: By making use of this site you may likely to encounter content which could be deemed by others to be unapproachable, improper or objectionable which shall or shall not be recognized as such? 
You conform that you make use of this site and its services. StyleYug has got no liability to you for content which may be deemed unacceptable, indecent and offensive. 
You abide by rules to agree to protect, indemnify StyleYug and our employees, directors, officers and agents and our successors and holds all the claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs, and even attorney's fees, arising out of claims dependent upon your actions or inactions, which will bring about loss or liability to StyleYug  or the third party but not limited to violate warranty laws, representations or undertakings or concerning the unaccomplished obligations under User Agreement or resulting from the your breach of any applicable rules and regulations which is inclusive of Intellectual Property Rights and statutory fee, dues and taxes, claim against defamation, libel, violation of rights of privacy, loss of service by the subscribers and violation of intellectual property or other rights. This cause may confirm the termination of this User Agreement.
This user agreement is in effect till it is not terminated by StyleYung. You are entitled to terminate this agreement at any time you want if you stop using this User Agreement at any time and you may do so without any notice and accordingly denies your access to this site. In this case termination will be without any liability of StyleYug.
Upon having terminated the User Agreement by either you or us, you have got to instantly delete all stuff downloaded or otherwise received from this site, along with all copies of such contents, whether made as per the User Agreement or otherwise. 
Our rights to such comments will conserve termination of this User Agreement. Such a termination of this agreement shall not obligate you to pay for the product which has been already ordered from this site or affect any such liability which may have resulted from this User Agreement.
Limitation of Liability and Disclaimers
We do not give any guarantee or warrantee for this site and every thing is as is where is. You are likely to go for all such risks involved with this site. Our site contains information which has been wrested from internet sources but without any such copyright issues. But we StyleYug assures that all the contents are correct, reliable and of quality. We do not undertake any such risk if the contents on this site are found erroneous somewhere.  
The disclaimer is not applicable to any contents or product warranty from the manufacturer as made clear in the product specification. The disclaimer forms the part of this User Agreement. 
StyleYug shall not be held responsible for any kind of consequential loss which is indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, consequential damages inclusive of loss of goodwill, use, data, profits, goodwill, resulting from the services or this User Agreement. 
Without any prejudice to the generality of the section aforementioned, the liability of StyleYug to you for all liabilities resulting from this User Agreement, Be it in tort or contract, is limited to the value of the product ordered by you. We and our colleagues do not represent or guarantee about the precision, text, links, content, reliability, graphics, information, time frame, provided by this site shall not be erroneous.   Eventually, we hold no liability whatsoever for any financial or other damage suffered by you owing to the deferral, failure, and corruption of data, interruption, or any other information transmitted related to this site or errors in this operation of this site. 
Site Security
You are forbidden form breaching or attempting to breach the confidentiality of this site which includes 
1. Having access to data not meant for you or logging on to a server on which you are not authorized
2. Making attempt to make search, scan, test the vulnerability of a network or a system to breach authentication provisions without any authorization. 
3. Attempting to tamper with the service to other users, network, via means of sending a virus to the site, reloading or overloading, flooding or spamming or crashing or mailbombing.
4. Sending unsolicited email inclusive of promotions and advertising of products and certain services
5. Making scam on any TCP / IP packet header or certain section of the header info in email or newsgroup posting.
6. Violation of a system or network may likely to bring about civil or criminal liability. 
StyleYug shall make a probe into incidents which incorporate violations.
You had better agree not to make use of any such devices, software or tamper with proper networking of this site and the activities connected therein. Furthermore you also agree not to make use of any engine, or device or tool or agent or mechanism which is inclusive of limitation browser, avatars, robots, intelligent agents, or spiders to navigate or make a search on this site and other third party web browsers such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer. 
Entire Agreement
If part of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to certain laws which are applicable including the liability limitation or warranty disclaimers mentioned above then these invalid measures will be deemed to be superseded by a legal, enforceable measure that most intimate matches the purport of the real provision and the remainder of the agreement shall be in effect. Unless otherwise mentioned in this agreement which forms between you and StyleYug as regards our sites and services whether oral, written or electronic between you and StyleYug as regards our services.
Failure to act concerning an infringement on you or others does not waive the right to act concerned with sequel or parallel infringements.